Round Valley Regional Preserve

2012-11-24 Sunny, highs in the low 70’s

Today we hiked on the Miwok Trail

This east of the bay can get really hot during the summer, so if you are going to enjoy the hike go during the cooler months.

I just love living here

We were suppose to do a loop hike, but we missed the trail

I’m kind of glad we did

However it turned it into a much longer hike than we planned

Here is where we should have taken a left if we had been paying attention

So thanks to our bad eye sight you can enjoy all of these photos instead

It was suppose to be a 4 mile loop


Instead it was 3 1/2 miles in

and 3 1/2 miles out

But what a day for it

Saw lots of abandoned farm equipment along the trail

When people ask me why I live in California, well it certainly isn’t the taxes that keep me here

It’s parks like these

19450 Marsh Creek Rd
Brentwood, CA 94513
(888) 327-2757

No dogs allowed

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