Dish Hill

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

2012-10-06 Today we started our hike in a park, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, but that is not where we will end up.

We parked in the parking lot, and walked across the road to the Clyma trail.

We are hiking up to the dishes I see every morning as I drive my daughter to school.

Those would be them from the back side of the mountain

That is the mountain straight ahead as I see it every day on my drive.

I love the parks, but this time of year we are in HIGH fire danger. A spark could make this a very bad day.

At a certain point the road will fork. Stay to the left which is still Clyma trail.

If you look back from where you came you can see the parking lot.

Mount Diablo

As you climb you will begin to see Mount Diablo

Dish Hill

Now it looks like this road will take you to Dish Hill, but it won’t. By the way, I named Dish Hill since when I got there no one else had ever been there on facebook. I have no idea what it’s official name could be.

It’s here (looking back mind you) where there is a sign saying “No trespassing. Restricted area” that you know you are in the right place.

The fire road will take a sharp right turn. Keep following the road. Trust me, you don’t want to break the law. The road will take you into dark woods.

Looking back again, you will have hiked in from the right. Where the fire trail almost turns back on itself there is a cow path, take it. Notice how there is no sign saying keep out. We are in the clear people, lol.

Now at this point the cow trail, WHICH IS NOT MARKED, splits in two. GO BACK NOW if you are not a woodsman. If you know how to survive in the wild stay to your left.

I don’t want to be responsible for idiot people getting lost in the desert

Now when you are on top of the mountain you do get wonderful reception. However hike down a little and you will have NO reception.

You need to KNOW what you are doing, because AGAIN these are only cow trails. No one is here to save you.

You have got to love restricted areas for the views. The Bay.

The Dishes

The Dishes

Have no idea what those are for.

Dish Hill with Mount Diablo in the background

Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Altamont Pass Wind Farm

I think it’s absolutely beautiful up here, with a wonderful panoramic view

Getting up and enjoying the views wouldn’t be the problem. It would be getting back down and getting on the right cow path to get you back to the parks Clyma trail.

I just don’t want anyone getting lost up here. It’s not forgiving.

Leaving you go back down on this private fire road, but……..

at one point you will have to go through about 30 feet of grass to catch this one small cow trail

Then at this tricky junction if you don’t take the right path….well I don’t know where you will end up. There are many cow paths. If you are not a woodsman don’t do this. There are rattlesnakes and wild boar.

but oh what a view from up there. How I love life’s path

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