Sycamore Grove Park – The Wagon Road Trail

This first picture is from a hike we did in the end of May 2012. It is the view you will have when entering the park from the Sycamore Grove Park.

We have only done summer hikes here so far. Bring water.

Parks Residence

We started on the winery loop trail, and keep to your right when selecting a trail. The trails here are not as well marked as in other parks we have hiked. On the Winery Loop trail you will pass by the parks residence.

Wagon Road Trail

You will get to a hill, take this trail to the right. It is Wagon Road Trail. It is a loop, and it will bring you right back to this same spot but to the left. Immediately behind you is Walnut trail.

Make sure you turn around as you are going up to see the view.

We have hiked in a lot of places with high tension wires, but none that were actually buzzing before. Very odd sound, and worrisome too.

If you keep to the right the trail will turn into Cattail pond Trail. The end of this trail loops around and will bring you back to Wagon Road trail to continue the loop.

Cattail Pond

There is a small dock/platform on the pond.

While standing on the dock, if you look to your right you will see a tree. There is a bench up there to enjoy the view. Skinny cow trail goes from trail up the side of hill to tree. Be warned if you are wearing shorts the trail is full of foxtail.

Then to get back we just followed Wagon Road Trail until it looped back to Winery Loop.

We must come back in the spring and check out the flowers.

Walnut Trail

Then when Wagon Road trail comes to Winery Loop we went straight on Walnut trail to cut across the flat, and take a left on Winery Loop, so to get a different view on the way back.

There are rattlesnakes. It’s wise to keep all dogs on leash. Also the foxtail causes problems with pets too.

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One Response to Sycamore Grove Park – The Wagon Road Trail

  1. A Nature Mom says:

    This is a lovely walk! Parents and kids from my Nature Time playgroup meet here often.

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