Sunol – Cave Rocks

2011-11-13 Sunny, highs in the 60’s.

Here we are on the Indian Joe Trail again

If you all remember we tried to do this a year ago…..but someone (the man) got separated, then took the wrong trail.

Yeah, needless to say I have both my eyes on the male this time.

This place never disappoints when I come.

I had made it all the way up to the Cave Rocks before.

But since we were separated I doubled timed it down hill to find him.

Which means I didn’t get to check this place out last time.

This place was crawling with people. Lots of kids crawling around and under, and adults scaling the rock face.

Which means even if you didn’t bring climbing gear there is still lots to be able to do and poke around here. You can even climb on top without ropes.

To go back we retraced our steps briefly on Indian Joe trail, then took a right onto a path that takes you to Hayfield Rd. Trail is marked.

How I love this park.

No matter where I am in the park I almost always see people horseback riding. If you have dogs make sure you can keep them under control for everyone’s safety.

And cows too.

It’s so cool to watch them checking us out too. Have not found a trail here yet that I have not liked.

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