Priest Rock

2012-02-23 Sunny, highs in the 70’s

There is no parking lot where the trail begins. You can either find very limited parking on the side of the road, or hoof it from a somewhat near by parking lot. Hey you are hiking anyway, just be careful walking on the road.

It’s pretty scary how quickly the water disappears when there is no rain in the winter.

The first part of the hike is covered as you climb.

If you do this in the summer remember to bring your sunscreen, for the shade will soon be gone.

The only thing I really have to complain about were the large steel electrical poles.

It marred the view going up.

Eventually you do get away from it.

And once you do get away from it there won’t be any shade to be had.

These things are mammoth, with razor blades attached to the bottom so that people don’t try and climb them.

Now if we had gone straight here we would have gotten to Priest Rock. However we went during the week, so we have to take a left to do a loop and get back to town to pick up our child from school. Damn responsibilities, lol.

The back side of the mountain is very dark and shaded. Bring some layered clothes if hiking in the winter, an bug repellant.

Such a drastic change between sides of the mountain.

You can see Lexington Quarry from here. It’s huge.

Unfortunately when we went it was during a very long drought, so not many flowers. This was an ok hike. If you live around here do it, but if you are visiting don’t waste your time.

We went up on Priest Rock Trail, and came back on Limekiln Trail, which is off of Alma Bridge Road in Los Gatos.

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