Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

Unless you live in these mountains prepare yourself for a bit of travel time. Only a few roads go up from the valley, and they are all narrow and very twisty turny roads. Meaning there is no easy way to get here. Beginning of trail near RTE 35.

2012-01-29 Sunny, highs in the 60’s

This is a mixed hike of sun and shade.

We are following the Sunny Jim Trail to get to Alpine Pond, and look at what we found. A basketball court. You can ride your horse here, tie them up, and have a game. LOL, only in California people.

Alpine Pond

We only hiked about 3 miles or so, and to get to the pond is only about 1 mile.

After we walked around the pond we headed back to the road and took the IPIWA trail to do the loop back to the parking lot. There ARE rattlesnakes on this part of the trail. They aren’t a problem as long as you and your pets leave them alone, and give them a wide berth.

The views of the mountains as always are amazing.

This is a moderate hike. Even though you start off at the top of the mountain there are still hills to climb.

I love being in these mountains near the end of the day. The light is truly magical.

Welcome to heaven people.

Again my pictures do very little to explain how grand this place is. You really must come here to experience all the sights, smells and feelings of this place. The way the mountain absorbs the sun and radiates it back towards you must be felt. No picture can help you with that. Come and enjoy.

Driving home along RTE 35 has it’s advantages also. Looking towards the West towards the ocean.

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

We stopped at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve to get these photos. No hiking required, lol.

You can get anything you want.....

And a little further down the road, you can get anything you want…….

To top it all off we found the BEST ice cream in all the world! AMAZING! Try the honey lavender, you won’t be disappointed.

435 Emerson St
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 327-1317

GPS to Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve
Latitude 37°18’55.54″N
Longitude 122°11’18.95″W

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