Golden Gate National Recreation Area

San Francisco

Today we drove across the Bay Bridge in order to cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

I love San Francisco, but you really have to gauge the weather correctly.

WWII batterys and old gun turrets

Bunkers, battery’s and gun turrets are everywhere.

Looking to your left towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

Point Bonita

Looking right towards Point Bonita.

We drove down Conzelman Rd. After a while this becomes a one way street.

Rodeo Cove

There is limited parking, but if you wait you can easily grab a place. Most people come to do a quick site see, not to walk about.

If you have small children or dogs with you please keep a close eye on them. The cliffs aren’t forgiving.

Point Bonita

Walking back in this direction you can access that hill. Not sure if you are suppose to or not, but there is a small path that runs right along side of the cliff (sharp drop off, I would NOT bring kids), but the view from up there is phenomenal!

Point Bonita

You will have to scamper to your left after a while to get down to the real path, but it’s not hard at all.

This is a drive/hike outing. We’d park the car and scout around, then head to a different location and do the same. However once at Bonita Point you really can stay and poke around a good while.

Be warned, to get to light house you can not bring your dog.

No bikes or dogs beyond this point.

You have to go through the troll hole, the actual island, to access the light house.

When we were there the actual light house was closed to the public for repairs. Call if you want to go inside to make sure you actually can.

While visiting you can see why this is a perfect military spot.

While here the best time to get a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge is near the end of the day.

Golden Gate Bridge

In the morning from this side you are shooting into the sun. In the afternoon the sun is on the bridge and gives wonderful light.

Golden Gate Bridge

That is when there is no fog.

Hendra Point

We were here all day, and there was still so much more we could have seen.

Come on a clear day and enjoy. Pack a lunch, the views are great!

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