Blue Jays, from birth to flight


I use to live on the East coast with lots of land. Couldn’t stand the winters, but loved how I could get really close to nature. Literally all I had to do was step outside my back door.

The first two days the adults would not let me have a peak. 2007-05-22 Hiking is great, but when you own a large piece of land you can become intimate with it, and know where all the families live.

2007-05-23 Casper, Melchior & Balthasar

On the 3 day I was allowed to see the 3 little wise men, so I named them Casper, Melchior and Balthasar.


When I saw the jays building a nest I put a ladder right up to the tree so I could watch every day.


I would visit the same time every day, because believe it or not animals can tell time.

I was on this side of the property a lot, and this way the adults knew the rest of the time I was harmless.


Animals like me, and blue jays are very daring creatures.


So while I worked I had food on me, which I held up and shared with one of the 5 adults tending the babies.


Yeah well everything was going great until my very jealous dog saw me playing with the wild life and thought that should stop.


Dog went to save me from vicious bird, and bird took this as an act of war. These are blue jays we are talking about, not some nice easy going robins.


Yeah thanks to my dog I had to start wearing my daughters bicycle helmet if I wanted to go work outside.


It amazes me how quickly they grow.


My dogs now think it’s great fun that they are being attacked from the sky.


Why can’t we just all get along?


I only missed one day and look what happened.


They are already leaving the nest. At least I won’t need to wear the bicycle helmet any longer.

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