Las Trampas Regional Wilderness – Elderberry Trail

2010-04-25 Sunny, highs in the 80’s

To get to Elderberry Trail you park before you drive into the park. You will see there is more than enough parking on the left side. The cow gate is also right there to access trail.

Sisyrinchium Bellum – Blue-Eyed Grass

This was the first hike I forced, ah…..encouraged my husband to do with me.

The first part of the hike is covered. The rest is exposed.

It’s all a very steep climb.

It was somewhere along this point we left the Elderberry Trail to access an even steeper cow trail.

You may not see it, but that is a cow trail we are on.

In the spring time the wild flowers are abundant.

With so much exposure to the sun if you want to see flowers you have to do it before the land dries out.

The poppies were stunning that year!

and I think someones sunflower seeds have started to grow from someone else’s hike, lol.

What a life!

It’s good to take breaks on this hike and enjoy the flowers. Trust me.

When we finally reach the top there is another trail called the Rocky Ridge View Trail. From here you can see San Francsico and the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day. We could see it, my camera just wasn’t strong enough to shoot through haze.

Even the bugs are cool.

Then we just turned around and followed a different cow trail back to Elderberry Trail, and hiked back to the car.

Take Bollinger Canyon Road to access this trail.

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