Yosemite National Park

2010-07-03 Sunny, highs in the 80’s
2010-07-04 Sunny, highs in the 80’s
2010-07-05 Sunny, highs in the 90’s

Today we drove across the great flat of California’s central valley to reach the Sierra’s.

As luck would have it we stayed at a lovely cabin that was right near a stream where they use to mine for gold.

This was just a lucky find.

There was still lots of gold flakes in the water, and people were panning. It was a long hot drive, so we just played in the water.

And since we didn’t bring any prospecting equipment I went to check out the vegetation.

We got up real early the next day and set out for Yosemite!

I’m almost ashamed to show you these pictures, because they do little justice for the actual thing.

The back side of Half Dome, so you can see the waterfalls.

We look like ants, and Half Dome is still so very far away.

Yosemite Falls

From the top of Glacier Point with the view starting to your left is Yosemite Falls.

Then pan right down into the valley and up towards Half Dome.

Half Dome

Half Dome

I just love all the different fauna.

Sentinel Rock

This park is way too big to do in one day.

On our way back down the road we stopped off for a hike and lunch.

McGurk Meadow

We came here to have lunch because it said “Meadow”. Meadow in Yosemite means swamp, just so you know.

Which is fine, but it’s hard to find a dry spot to sit, and you NEED DEET. The biting bugs were unreal! Not a good spot to sit and have lunch.

Then we had to go check out the views from the valley floor before heading back to the cabin to collapse.


What a way to spend the 4th of July!

The next day we came in through RTE 120.

Arch Rock Entrance

Arch Rock Enterance.

Once you are in the park RTE 120 will take a sharp left.

Olmsted Point

So that you can get to Olmsted Point.

We will come back to Olmstead after lunch.

Tenaya Lake

Wow doesn’t even begin to cover it. This is the perfect spot for lunch.

Then we headed back to do Olmsted with a full stomach.

What a great place to gain perspective.

Don’t forget to look at the view from behind. You can see the lake where we just had lunch.

The Big Meadow

You have to plan a lot of time for this trip. It takes a very long time to drive between places.

Then we had to drive back through the valley for a final view before going back to the cabin.

I think you could spend a whole month here and not see everything. Go, and be prepared to be AMAZED!

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  1. Orel Engel says:

    This place is incredible. Thank you for making me dream 🙂

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