Lake Del Valle – East Shore Trail via Arroyo Road

2010-12-12 Partly Sunny, highs in the 60’s
2011-04-09 Partly Sunny, highs in the 70’s

Parking lot at end of Arroyo Road (April 2011)

You park at the end of Arroyo Road, and make sure you buy a permit and stick it on your dash board. It’s coin operated, bring lots of quarters.

Today we were taking the dogs off lead to Lake Del Valle.

April 2011

The first part of the hike is flat and in the shade.

There is not much of this flat trail before you pass through a cow gate and begin the climb.

We came late in the day, and it being December you lose day light fast, so this won’t be a long hike.

With a steep climb it didn’t need to be a long hike, plus I was testing out a dog.

April 2011

And before I continue, no you aren’t going insane. Sometimes the land scape looks different because I’m combining two different hikes so that you can see how a hike at one time of the year can look totally different during from another time during the year. All of the second hike with the dogs will be marked April 2011, just so that you are no longer lost.


I breed dogs and one of my dear friends, who also happened to be one of my puppy people, died. Max had come back to live with me 11 days before this hike.

I would have never of done this with a dog who did not know me, but Max’s owner use to bring him to visit me all the time, and I would go to see him also.

He jumped out of the van and into my arms and hasn’t looked back since.

Jack and Max

Jack is from my second litter and Max is from my first.

Once you get to the top it was extremely windy. If you had a wind breaker on you were fine.

The view from up here is just gorgeous!

Yes a whole lake below and my dogs want bottled water. We won’t even get into how badly my dogs are spoiled. Right behind the dogs lays Heron Bay Trail. It’s a narrow trail that goes down to the water. Just remember you hiked up here, and if you go down you have to come back up. Great to do if you plan a lunch with your hike.

Once you are up top there is a bench by a tree to sit on and enjoy the view.

You can’t miss it, it’s the only tree.

April 2011

I swear during rainy season it looks like we live in Ireland.

Jack April 2011

However it would be a warm and sunny Ireland.

Jack April 2011

You do have to be careful because there can be rattlesnakes up here.

I didn’t want to push it on the first hike with Max, because he was very out of shape.

Just like humans it’s better to build up slow and steady.


Yeah I think he’s going to like it here.

Bring water, and lots of towels in the car if you have dogs and go down by the lake. Enjoy.

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