Sunol Regional Wilderness – Little Yosemite

2010-07-24 Sunny, highs in the 80’s
2010-11-28 Mostly Sunny, highs in the 50’s

After paying the park fee drive to the end while keeping to the right. When you get to the end, park. Walk through the cow gate at the end of the parking lot, and cross the bridge.

This was our first hike in Sunol, and we loved it.

All the vegetation is very interesting whether it is in full bloom or dry.

This guy I’ve never seen before.

Looks like some sort of cross between a skink and a whiptail.

The trail that take you to Little Yosemite is the Camp Ohlone Road. It’s a very flat and easy hike.

I will also throw in some pictures from our November hike, after rainy season started.

Ohlone Road looking back towards parking lot direction.

What most people do is to climb down by the river about a mile into the hike.

We stopped here and had lunch.

The place was alive with dragon flies.

Banana slug

We find these banana slugs all over the Bay area.

Very interesting creatures to check out.

Down by the river you can see still wild flowers blooming.

It’s right about this point where you would take the left onto Cerro Este Road, but I will take you straight for a wee bit longer on another hike we did later.

Camp Ohlone Road

It hasn’t been raining long, but you can see things starting to turn green.

Oddly enough when the rest of the country is having winter our world turns green.

Depending on how far you go down you can always just take the Canyon View Trail on your way back to do the loop.

the "W" Tree

This is just a mixture of two different hikes we did.

Camp Ohlone Road is a very nice flat road to go riding on. Plus there are tons of more challenging trails all over.

Canyon Valley View Trail

From here you have a choice. We will go back on Camp Ohlone Road to get to Cerro Este Road, to finish this hike.

But on the winter hike my husband hurt his leg so we made our way back slowly on the Ohlone road.

Be careful of any rocks you might sit on to rest. They could very well be home to others.

From here we took a left onto Cerro Este Road (on the summer hike).

For a very short time before turning left onto Canyon View Trail.

You are no longer on an easy flat road. You are hiking up for the views.

Some of the path is very narrow on the side of a steep hill. It’s all exposed in places, so be careful if you go in the summer. The sun can be brutal.

If you look to your lower left you can see the Camp Ohlone Road where you came in on the hike.

Once you get away from the creek the landscape gets very dry in the summer months.

Then you will take another left onto McCorkle Trail, that will bring you back to Camp Ohlone Road.

Then take a right on Camp Ohlone Road to get back to the parking lot.

This is a wonderful park, and it’s never been crowded all the times I’ve gone.

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