Mount Diablo – Fossil Ridge

2010-07-31 Sunny, highs in the 80’s

Very easy hike with great views.

To access this trail you park your car in the Rock City parking lot. The trail starts right when you first pull into the parking lot to your left.

However we only saw one fossil.

But the views made up for it.

at the end of this real trail are a bunch of very small trails leading off in all directions. We had teenagers with us that day so didn’t want to take the chance of covering them in poison oak, so we stuck to the main trail.

You can see a small trail leading off from the trail.

If you look back before going onto small trial you can see the ridge trail you just hiked.

We stopped under the trees and thought about having lunch, but it was way to buggy.

Our one and only fossil find. Now we can go back.

We hiked back to Rock City where we had lunch.

Always so much to discover up on this mountain.

Once you come up here it will draw you back again.

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