Sunol Regional Wilderness – Lower Maguire Peaks Trail and Maguire Peaks Loop Trail

2010-08-09 Sunny, highs in the 80’s

To access Lower Maguire Peaks Trail you need to park on Welch Creek Road. Make sure you get a permit to do this. The trail starts .72 miles from turning onto Welch creek, and it will be on your left side. Parking is minimal.

Lower Maguire Peaks Trail is mostly shady.

You’ll most likely see grazing cattle along this trail.

When you reach the Maquire Peaks Loop Trail it is all open on this side of the mountain.

This is a long up hill hike in full sun. Bring water.

When we got to the loop trail we took a left, but I think if you hike from the other direction it would be easier.

Even though this is a loop trail it’s always good to have a map.

I’m always amazed at how empty it is in this section of the park.

Just because everything is dry this time of year doesn’t mean it’s not interesting.

You are at a constant hike up, so you will start to see the benefits of that work.

I would NOT recommend this hike on a hot summers day.

San Antonio Reservoir

When you see San Antonia Reservoir there is a bench to sit on and enjoy the view.

Love all the different contours of the land.

The back side of the mountain has some shade, and is pretty level hike, with a slight descend.

This was a long hike.

The loop trail alone is 4 miles long.

And there is the dead tree where we started the loop, and now can turn left onto Lower Maguire Peaks Trail.

Make sure you don’t confuse it with Maquire Peak Trail, or you’ll have a long walk down Welch Creek Road to your car.

Loved the hike, but please make sure you have lots of water.

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