Sunol Regional Wilderness – Indian Joe Trail

2010-08-22 Sunny, highs in the 80’s

Sunol is a great trail park.

We come here a lot to hike, so maybe that is the reason we became so complacent about our hiking rules.

I like to stop along the way when something catches my eye to get a picture of it.

This annoyed my darling husband, so I told him to go along and I’d catch up to him.

Holocarpha obconica, San Joaquin Tar Weed, native. Asteraceae ( Sunflower family).

So I’m racing along the trail to catch up with him, and no darling husband.

I keep reading the trail markers, and it says I’m on the right trail. (I’m being the key word here).

Of course that doesn’t dawn on me as I’m double timing it up the trail on a very hot day.

Not sure when the light finally dawned on me that he wasn’t ahead of me, but somewhere far far behind.

As I was sprinting back to the vehicle (which is where he was reading upon my return) I was thinking what a pretty that hike was, and now I will be forced to drag the darling husband back here someday so that I can get proper pictures of it. This hike is fine for a hot day because you are in shade for the most part.

Learn from my mistake, never take your eyes off of your husband. They are bound to wind up on the wrong trail, and you know men don’t ask for directions.

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