Las Trampas Regional Wilderness – Las Trampas Ridge and Chamise Trail

2010-08-29 Sunny, highs in the 70’s. We would not hike this park this time of year, except we were having usually cool weather. We started our hike in the staging area.

Bollinger Creek Loop Trail

We parked the car and went back out to the road and took a left. You will see the signs for Bollinger Creek Loop Trail.

It starts off nice and flat, then begins the climb.

Las Trampas Ridge Trail

We did take one diversion out of the loop and took a left onto Las Trampas Ridge Trail to check out the views.

On the way back you can see where you hiked up from the valley, and the small trail that leads off straight into the distance, which you will be taking now to get back on the loop.

This is a much narrower path, and mountain bikes are no longer allowed on this trail.

This part of the trail runs along the ridge.

Mount Diablo

With views of Mount Diablo.

We were quite pleasantly surprised to have some shade in places on the ridge trail.

The shade does not stop the views. It keeps opening up all the time.

Chamise Trail

You bear right onto Chamise Trail and start your decent.

What a life.

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