Sunol Regional Wilderness – Vista Grande Overlook and Upper Maguire Peaks Trail

2010-09-04 Sunny, highs in the 80’s

This part of Sunol Regional Wilderness is access by Welch Creek Road. You still need to go to the visitors center on Geary Road (main entrance to the park) where you will buy your parking pass to put on the dashboard, so that you have a permit to park on Welch Creek Road.

We drove in 2.7 miles on a very narrow road, but you will see the sign for the Eagle View Trail.

Vista Grande Overlook

This is not a far or a hard hike at all to this point. Remember you drove up, so your legs really didn’t need to work for this view.

While facing the valley if you take a left on Vista Grande Road this is what you will see.

And this is what you will see on your hike back. This is a very short hike to the gate.

Then we turned around and went back to the car.

We drove the car about a mile back down the road.

This is where you will find the trail head for the Upper Maguire Peaks Trail. Note this can be a very narrow path on the side of a steep drop for a while.

This is just a small loop, that will eventually bring us back to the road.

I love the green trees against the dried grass.

Make sure when you get to Maguire Peak Trail you take a left to get back to the road. Then when you get back to the paved road just go left and walk to your car. This is not a taxing hike.

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