Mount Diablo – Donner Creek Fire Road

Mount Zion

2010-11-13 Sunny, highs in the 70’s

Park at the end of Regency Drive in Clayton to access this trail. You will see Mount Zion up close and personal.

This is where my love affair with California was severely tarnished.

I love this mountain, but it’s name “Devil’s Mountain” has a whole new meaning for me.

I have never learned a lesson about staying on the trail so badly in all my life.

It was such a lovely fall day.


And we had found these buckeyes, that I had never seen before living on the East coast.

Yeah well what else I’ve never seen was poison oak, which the buckeyes just happened to by laying in.

It wasn’t too long after I came in contact with the evil weed (no leafs, just vines) that my arms started to feel funny.

We were going to do the 5 mile loop, but my arms were now burning, and I had no idea why.

We had to turn around and go back, but it was too late to save me.

Let this be a lesson for you. Stay on the trails or suffer in agony for 3 months (on prescriptions meds no less).

I’ll be back! Note to anyone going on this hike, before I had to turn back due to poison oak, it was a hard climb. Be prepared.

Since then I have also come in contact with it, but I have found Zanfel to be a miracle BEFORE you get the rash cure.

I am highly allergic. This stuff is very expensive but worth every penny.

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One Response to Mount Diablo – Donner Creek Fire Road

  1. brthomas says:

    Sorry to hear about your misadventure, but you got great photos of the trail before you had to turn back. Here is the gps track of our hike up Donner Canyon. Hiking in the day after a rainstorm, I got some pretty good photos from hiking farther up to the Donner Canyon waterfalls. This is one of the greatest hiking trails in Contra Costa County.

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