Bodega Bay – Bodega Head

Muir Beach Overlook

2011-01-09 Partly sunny, highs in the 50’s

It’s crab season, so we drove up RTE 1 to enjoy the drive, eat some crab, and hit the headlands!

The drive up the coast might take longer, but it’s worth it.

Stinson Beach

Plus it’s a great way to see things you might want to explore later.

The coast changes so much on the drive you won’t be bored.

The coast tends to be warmer in the winter.

So that is why we head west in the winter months to hike.

The Tides

First for some crab.

Oddly enough we weren’t attacked by any birds.

Bodega Head

This is not a hard hike. You take the Westshore Road, and keep bearing right on that road until you get to the parking lot.

After checking out the beach (to the right of the parking lot) you can stay on this side, and the Bodega Head Trail begins on this side.

The trail is on top of the cliffs. You can see the trail begin right after the picnic tables at the parking lot.

The path is narrow, but the views are great.

Horseshoe Cove

Make sure you bring warm clothes and a hat in winter.

Bring binoculars.

Horseshoe Cove Overlook

Watch out for poison oak around the rocks.

This was not a long hike at all.

University of California Marine Laboritory

We are full of wonderful food and our eyes are full of wonderful sights.

If you can time it so that you are there at sunset the sun will make the hills glow.

Latitude 38°18’13.96″N
Longitude 123° 3’51.48″W

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