Lake Del Valle – East Shore Trail

Lake Del Valle

2010-08-14 Sunny, highs in the 80’s
2011-01-15 Sunny, highs in the 60’s

The first time we came to this lake we both were taken back by how pretty it is.

After you pay the entrance fee, bear right and keep driving until you run out of road. Park in the boating area and walk to your right. You will find the East Shore Trail.

Now what really turned me on when I walked up to the gate was that we saw a sign that says you can let your dogs run FREE on this trail. Of course your dog needs to be friendly and come when they are called.

Anyone with highly active dogs can appreciate this, because it’s hard to find places like this in California.

Now I’m originally from the East coast, and I found out the hard way what poison oak is. So I always check out trails really well before I let my dogs go there.

Last thing I need are my dogs getting covered in the retched oil, then spreading it all over the house. From what I could see I didn’t see any of the evil weed, so I thought we were safe.

Yeah but I’m from the East coast and didn’t realize the other danger that lurked here.

And that would be burrs. Lots and lots and lots of burrs.

At this point it’s already too late.

I might as well let them get all wet and sandy too.

For your own sake don’t concentrate on the burrs until after you get home. You might as well enjoy the hike, because your dogs will love it.

Green Lynx Spider

Keep your eyes open for the local wild life.

Also if you don’t have your own boat you can rent them here, and there is a swimming area.

So if you are into outdoor things there really is something for everyone here.

The East Shore Trail itself is flat and runs right along side the lake. Very easy hike.

Jack & Max

If you bring your dogs bring lots of extra towels. Oh and be prepared to poodlize (shave) your dogs if they have long hair…..but what a time they had!

Latitude 37°35’11.40″N
Longitude 121°42’12.98″W

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