Mount Diablo – Summit

Summit Museum Building

Been here too many times to count, in all sorts of weather. Be prepared. First trip in 2008. At the very top is a museum with neat information and a small gift shop. We use to be able to go onto the roof, but it’s been closed for a while now due to budget cuts. Times are very hard, and it shows by the deterioration we are allowing our beloved state parks to fall into.

The views from the top are amazing. It can get cold enough for snow a couple of times a year up here, so if you go in the winter bring a winter jacket. It’s always good to check out the weather conditions at the summit before going.

North Peak

Depending on what time of year you go it will be green (winter/spring) or golden brown (summer/fall)

The parking lot at the summit is very small. There is a giant parking lot to the right before the summit. You can always park down there and walk up. There is also another bathroom in this parking lot if the summit one is full.

Zion Peak Rock Quarry

On a clear day you can see all the way across the bay and see San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. However all the times I have been up here it’s been too hazy to see that far.

Even in haze the view is outstanding! It is said to have one of the largest viewsheds in the Western United States.

The views driving down are amazing too. Go slow and watch out for bikers. The way I see it you’ve already paid $10 to get into the park. After you’ve hiked, or seen whatever other thing you came to do up here, you might as well do the long drive to the top and have a look. I’ve only been up here once when the top was completely fogged in, and yet even that was quite an experience to have the clouds rolling right over you.

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