Mount Diablo – Rock City

2011-02-12 Sunny, highs in the 70’s
2010-07-31 Sunny, highs in he 80’s
2010-02-27 Partly Sunny, highs in the 50’s
2009-10-10 Sunny, highs in the 70’s
2008-11-09 Partly cloudy, highs in the 50’s

I love this place. I’ve been here more than this, just can’t remember the dates.

The drive up the mountain is always worth it alone.

This is a very easy place to get to from the parking lot.

After you pay the park entrance fee Rock City’s parking lot will be on the left side.

Just get out and start walking around.

Lots of sandstone that has been sculpted by wind and rain.

It is a rock city by nature.

You can spend the whole day there just scampering around all the cool rock outcroppings.

Rock City - Mount Diablo

Kids love it here, but please keep an eye on your children and pets. One slip could end badly.

Be careful about hiking too far away from Rock City on what are NOT trails. There are lots of places where water runs off the mountain. They look like trails but are not. There are real trails all over that you will most likely run into, but it can be a hike getting back.

Kids of all ages love it here.

Don’t forget your camera.

Just love it up here!

Remember if you come up here with a dog it has to stay on a 6 foot leash.

And after a long day scampering the rock we like to head into Danville for gelato.

682 Hartz Ave
Danville CA

(925) 837-8304

They have the BEST lemon ice you’ll ever have!

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