Black Diamond Mines

2011-01-22 Sunny, highs in the 70’s. In fact there was a record high of 72 that day!

Black Diamonds are a reference to coal. This use to be a coal mine and a sand mine too.

From the parking lot we took the Nortonville Trail, and immediately took a left onto Stewartville Trail.

After going through the cow gate you will go through a pasture with lots of cows and youngsters. At least we did the time of year we went.

The baby bulls were quite full of themselves. Best to just ingore them and keep a steady pace.

At the end of this trail is a gate. Go through to see the views, but make sure you come back through to continue the hike.

It’s hard to explain how large everything is unless you stick a human in there every once in a while.

Go back through the gate to that you are in the cow pasture again. Now turn back and face the gate as if you never walked through, and take a right onto Ridge trail.

Looking back towards the pasture as you climb you will be able to see Sherman Lake through the hills.

You will leave the pasture when you go through a small brown gate.

Rose Hill Cemetery

You can see the Rose Hill Cemetery through the trees here.

We were there during an unusual warm spell. Even though in the shade it was quite cool, and we were grateful for our hats.

Don’t forget your camera.

However we were very warm where the sun was radiating off the rocks.

You really get to see a lot of different scenery in a small hike.

If you look very carefull you’ll be able so see the windmill farms.

Ridge Trail will turn into Chaparral Loop. Keep going straight.

Again in the distance you can see the cemetery against the hill.

You will get to a trail sign that says “To Manhattan Canyon Trail. Take that trail.

Eureka Slope

Along the way you will get to see one of the mines, the Eureka Slope.

Go down the stairs and take a right. This trail will take you back to Nortonville Trail. Take a right back to parking lot. There are a lot more trails here. Get a map and explore!

Latitude 37°57’30.00″N
Longitude 121°51’47.83″W

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