Almaden Quicksilver County Park

2011-10-23 Sunny, highs in the 80’s

A word of caution, BRING YOUR OWN MAP. We are finding more and more parks out of maps, and this park you need one.

This park has many many miles of trail, but the loops are very long. This is a heavily used park with mountain bikers.

Make sure when you are hiking on a bike path you stay to one side and keep your eyes and ears open, because they can come fast down the hill.

Mount Hamilton

There are wonderful views of Mount Hamilton and San Jose off to your right during this hike.

Ok we did a 8 mile loop. Had no intentions of doing a 8 mile loop, but someone moved the picnic table. I’ll explain later.

There are two trail that start off from the parking lot. We went through a gate and took the Mines Hill Road trail. We then took a left onto Randol Trail.

We got a late start hiking, so by afternoon this side of the trail is already quite shaded. Even so it was very hot, and in the shade buggy. Bring your bug repellant.

Now originally we were going to hike in a couple miles, have lunch and hike out. Yeah but someone moved the picnic table.

Be warned it's not in the same location on the map. Which caused us to hike even further. They moved it to a great location Randol/Prospect #3 Trail. But at this point we’ve hiked in 3.25 miles.

The view from here is outstanding!

San Jose

While sitting at the table San Jose is to your left and Mount Hamilton straight ahead.

When you are done enjoying the view head up the Prospect #3 trail (take a left). This is a steep narrow trail that is lined with posion oak. Stay on the trail.

The climb is mostly covered in the shade, but you still get the great views. It’s about a mile up.

Mount Umunhum

When you get to the top Mount Umunhum will be before you. That big square box use to be a radar station.

You are now on the Mine Hill Trail again. Take a left.

The trail up here is mostly flat.

The views are amazing. Don’t forget your camera.

The top trail is mostly exposed. Bring plenty of water.

Bull Run

At Bull Run there are not only picnic tables, but water for your horses. This is a junction. Go Straight and you are now on Castillero Trail.

This use to be a mining site (the whole park) so stay on the trails.

The place is littered with old mining buildings and equipment. They are homes to rodents now, so stay out.

Watch your step. This poor guy was already gone. I think he was a victim of a mountain bike. Still….stay on the trail. At the Castillero/English camp trail make sure you bare to your left to get onto English Camp Trail.

English Camp School

Once you see the old barn at the English Camp School make sure you stay on the English Camp Trail and do not take the Deep Gulch Trail

English Camp Trail will take you back to Mine Hill Road. Take a right and this will bring you back to the parking lot.


Latitude 37°10’26.28″N
Longitude 121°49’30.95″W

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