Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

2011-02-27 Sunny, highs in the 50’s

From the parking lot go onto the trail and hike up. There are no other trails in the beginning to get confused.

We stayed on this main trail and it turned into Oak Tree Trail. There is a trail that forks off to the left if you want to take a short cut to the top. We didn’t.

Again, get a map.

This is a very pretty park and lots of people us it.

It amazes me how far up we had to hike before we couldn’t hear the highway anymore.

the Olive Grove

There is a junction where Oak Tree Trail, Woodland trail meet at a cow gate. Go through the cow gate and go straight and up the trail that bears right. You really should have a map for this. You are now on the Ridgeline Trail headed north. Here is where you will get your first glimps of the Olive groves.

It’s very interesting to find an abandoned olive grove up here. When you see the grove we bared left onto Spur trail that take you to the Olive Grove Trail. We took a left onto Olive Grove Trail.

You are forever hiking up, and although you will most likely have bad shin splints after this, the views are well worth it.

Turns out this use to be a fruit farm over 100 years ago, but only the olive trees have survived. The Thermalito Trail is named after the fruit company. When you get to the Thermalito Trail take a right.

After a while you will see the trail signs for the Olive trail again. Take a right back onto Olive Grove Trail. Not too long a trail will pop up to your left going back in the direction you came, but up a hill. I am unsure about what this trail is called, but it will meet up with the Ridgeline Trail.


But before you get to the Ridgeline trail you will see this trail going up a hill. Take that trail!

It’s a trail to no where, but the views are spectacular!

As you retrace your steps back down the hill you will easily see the Ridgeline Trail to your left.

Make sure once you get to the trail you take a right onto Ridgeline.

This will bring you back to the cow gate where you first came in.

There are lots of places to have a picnic up here.

Just don’t feed the locals.

After going through the cow gate we went straight onto Woodland Trail.

At the end of Woodland take a Right back down to the parking lot.

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