Gerbode Valley

2011-02-06 Sunny, highs in the 70’s

Today we went north, and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.

This hike has wonderful views of the ocean, San Francisco, Sausalito, the Golden gate and the Sutro Tower.

But to get there you need to go up. There is a stand of eucalyptus trees. Note that will be your last piece of shade for a very long time.

Can you see that line in the hill? That is the trail we will be coming back on 3 hours from now.

After parking off of Bunker Hill Road, we quickly found the Rodeo Valley Trail, and took a left onto the trail.

Even though we did this in the winter, it’s never really winter in the Bay area.

I have so much conflicting data on how long this trail is. Some say 6 miles, others say 8 miles. I think it was 6 judging by my other hikes.

Either way if you do this hike try to do it on a clear day. I’m not hiking up anything for the hell of it.

You will be glad you made this hike when you reach the top.

Don’t forget your camera!

It’s so beautiful up here it’s almost unreal.


Oh the things you will see.

Go when the hills are green to see the wild flowers.

There were no maps when we got there. Please bring one before you go. We did the loop, which is left onto Rodeo Trail, which if you stay to your right will turn into the Bobcat trail. Stay on the Bobcat trail staying to the left and you will be going in the proper direction (confusing as all get out, but there is another Bobcat trail there too, moan…..). From the Bobcat trail you will go Left onto Miwok Trail.

When you are almost at the bottom you will find the connecting trail (a left) onto a small trail that connects Bobcat and Rodeo Trail. When you get to the end take a right to get back to parking lot.


Latitude 37°49’57.14″N
Longitude 122°30’44.56″W

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