Tilden Regional Park

2011-02-20 Partly cloudy, highs in the 50’s.

Today we are headed north. It’s still winter, but the mustard grass is starting to bloom.

Today we went to Tilden Regional Park.

Another park with a lot of people in it, but again for a reason.

If nothing else go and see the farm there. If anyone ever comes back as a farm animal, you want to end up here.

The animals are extremely well taken care of, which makes them a delight to be around.

It’s winter, and the ground very wet. You can see it takes a lot of work to keep a farm this clean in all the rain we’ve had. These are lucky animals.

You can tell by the glow of the green just how much rain we’ve had here lately.

We took a stroll to Jewel Lake. This was not a hike because we came here for a beerfest that turned out to be the day before. So I said “Hey, we are already here lets check out a park.”

Meaning we weren’t dressed properly to do any real hiking through wet woods.

No, with beerfest attire on we stayed to the very soggy trails. Plus this park is a great drive through.

Lake Anza

Nope we decided to grab a map and drive around and see all the attractions that we could without sinking into the mud.

The Brazil Building

This was a great park to drive, look, and come back later to hike.

Inspiration Point

Then we drove to Inspiration Point. Like I said we’ve been having winter storms. Snow capped mountains are a result this time of year.


The views driving home weren’t bad either. We will definitely come back here to hit the trails, and now we won’t be distracted by the side shows.

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