Rancho San Antonio

2011-03-05 Overcast, highs in the 60’s

There are a lot of trails at this park.

From the parking area where you can unload horses we crossed the bridge and went straight up the hill to Coyote Trail.

The one word that comes to mind about this park is crowded.

This is a very pretty park, but not one to come to in order to get away from people.

Now the good news is the vast majority stay near the parking lots.

But don’t kid yourself, you will see tons of people on the trails too.

Keep your eyes open for interesting things.

We are hiking to Vista Point today.

And you get to hike through a beautiful forest to get there.

There is a reason this park is so full.

You keep climbing, and the trees hang sideways off the side of the hill at times. Even so it was not a hard hike at all.

From here turn right onto the High Meadow Trail.

We went in spring, and from here on you will get a chance to see flowers.

Now the trail will open up more allowing the sun to come in, giving life to the wild flowers.

There is also another out come for having so many people at this park all the time….

The deer are everywhere in this park, and they are not afraid of people at all.

At first you tell everyone to be quiet, until you realize you can basically walk right up to them and snap a picture in their face.

It’s almost like a Disney feeling, with the wild life all getting along. If it wasn’t for those warning signs of mountain lions when first entering the park you might think you’ve stepped into some strange reality.

As you approach the Vista Point you will be able to see peaks of views through the trees.

Just keep going because the big pay off is at the end.

Beautiful rolling hill views.

Then we retraced our steps back through the tame deer.

Until we come back to the Coyote Trail to follow the signs for Deer Hollow Farm. It’s very near the intersection of the High Meadow Trail and Coyote Trail.

It’s basically on the way back anyhow, and it gives you something new to look at.

It’s just a small little farm

But if you have kids with you I’m sure they’ll love it.

This is a very pretty park.

It’s easy to see why this place is so full of people.

West Santa Clara, California

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