Angel Island

2011-10-15 Partly sunny, highs in the 70’s on the island.

We boarded the Tiburon ferry to Angel Island. Bring a windbreaker.

Going anywhere San Francisco can be hit or miss with the weather. The fog is very hard to predict.

Ayala Cove at Angel Island.

We started in Ayala Cove and hiked up the North Ridge Trail to Mount Livermore. Then we took the Sunset Trail back to the cove.

You get off the Ferry and the North Ridge Trail is right in front of you. Go left up the hill.

You are mostly in the shade on the North Ridge Trail.

It does open up for you in a few places and gives you wonderful views

From this side of the trail you will see mostly the Tiburon and the Richmond Bridge.

Remember you are hiking to the top of this island, and it is a climb.

This side of the island is the eastern side, which is very humid and jungle smelling.

Be careful when crossing a fire road you get back on the correct trail.

The hike to the top of the island is well worth it on a clear day.

From up top you get a full 360 degree view. You can see the City.

and the Golden Gate Bridge

Bring a lunch and enjoy the view on top. There are picnic tables all around.

We hiked back on the Sunset Trail, which for the most part is all open.

If you get here very early in the day, and it’s a clear day with no haze, then I suggest hiking up the Sunset Trail to have the sun behind you for pictures.

It’s hard to find a clear day in SF.

The trail becomes covered again near the bottom, but be prepared to be totally exposed on that trail for a long while.

The park Head Quarters is right on the cove.

This was a wonderful outing.

And the views aren’t half bad either.

When in the area (or what I consider in the area, lol) we head to my favorite pizza place. BEST pizza place I found since moving to the West Coast. You won’t be disappointed. Be warned there is limited seating.

Gioia Pizzeria

Location: 1586 Hopkins Street, Berkeley CA 94707

Hours: Monday – Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm.
Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm

Phone Orders: please call 510-528-4692

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