Portola Valley – Toyon Trail and aka Marcyland

2011-04-03 Sunny, highs in the 60’s

I would have never known about this place if a dear friend didn’t tell me about it. Hence why it is dubbed aka Marcyland. We started off on Alpine which took us to Toyon Trail.

I always suggest getting a map so you don’t get lost on the trails.

The path is narrow, and heavily wooded. Soon after starting off on Alpine we took a right onto the Toyon Trail.

This was a very beautiful hike.

Very peaceful, and unlike some of the other parks in the south bay, not crowded.

We went in the spring and the flowers were wonderful.

Not so much on the Toyon Trail, but the Old Spanish Trail was full of them.

The Toyon Trail has wonderful views.

We hiked all along this trail until we came to the SECOND trail to the left. I don’t think this trail is marked, but if you take this trail it will turn into the Old Spanish Trail. Remember this trail is NOT the Old Spanish trail,it turns into it so be careful. Meaning you want to go right ON Old Spanish Trail and not left when you come across it. Get a map and you will see what I mean. Don’t be fooled into going onto the Coalmine Ridge Trail either.

Up on the Old Spanish Trail you will find this wonderful meadow full of wild flowers.

Shortly after the meadow you will find Marcy’s beloved Grandfather Tree. You can’t miss it.

The Old Spanish Trail has open fields and much more sunshine.

You stay on the Old Spanish Trail and at one point you will have to cross a road to get back to the path on the other side.

Very soon after you will have to choose a direction to walk in, because this is now a fire road. Go right. The Old Spanish Trail will continue on a path on the LEFT of this fire road. This will run into the Alpine Trail. Go left to get back to the parking area.


Latitude 37°21’51.81″N
Longitude 122°12’54.62″W

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