Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve – Round Top Loop Trail

2011-04-10 Partly cloudy, highs in the 60’s. There are restrooms in the beginning of this park.

Once parked start on the paved trail to your right. Stay on this paved path until you see a trail heading off to the right. Not sure if it’s marked but it’s the Round Top Loop Trail.

In the beginning it’s shaded. Stay to the left when the trail divides.

Poison oak (which this is not) lurks everywhere on the wooded trail.  Be careful.

Then all at once you come to the open.

And what grand views.

We went in spring, and the wind was pretty gusty.  Bring a windbreaker.

This was a pretty easy hike.  We probably only walked 3 miles in total.

Keep an eye out for some labyrinths that appear mysteriously around the park.

The caldera, which they say now is extinct.

These are very interesting to come across.

Best place to view the caldera is from the water tower. The road to the water tower will also bring you back to the parking lot.


Latitude 37°50’51.78″N
Longitude 122°11’55.09″W

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