Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline

2011-04-16 Sunny, highs in the 70’s

To get to the Rankin Park Trail go through the area with picnic tables. Once you are through the gate head up the hill towards your left.

We went in spring, and the flowers were wonderful.

Also you could hear the bees swarming in certain places which was a bit unnerving, but they never bothered us.

There are wonder views of the shoreline on this trail.

However to get the view you have to climb at a very steep angle. To get here is not an easy hike.

It is only shaded on the lower part of the hike. Luckily it’s the part during the climb.

Once you get to the top the path levels off. If the path divides stay to your right while on Rankin.

Once on top we saw beautiful green rolling hills.

Rankin will run into the California Riding and Hiking Trail (while you are bearing right) and then turn into Franklin Ridge Loop trail.

We did not walk the whole loop on top due to time restraints. It is also very windy on top. You might want to bring a wind breaker.

And of course there are views of Mount Diablo from this hike.

The green field look lovely covered in poppies.

Then we just retraced our steps until we got to the Hulet Hornbeck Trail, which will take you back to the parking lot.

This was a very pretty hike, just be prepared for the climb.

Latitude 38° 1’6.46″N
Longitude 122° 8’50.01″W

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