Big Basin Redwood State Park – Buzzard’s Roost

2011-05-01 Sunny, highs in the….well it depended on where you were in the park.

You do have to pay a fee when entering the park, but it is well worth it.

You start off on the Redwood Trail. Make sure you stay on this trail because it turns LEFT very quickly. You will know you are still on the right trail because it will take you back by the road.

When you get to Bloom Creek Camp ground turn RIGHT down the paved road. Then turn left onto Pine Mountain Trail. The key is to stay on this trail and it will take you right to the Buzzard’s Roost.

This hike is about 5 miles long, and you do need to be able to climb (scamper really) up some rock. When we arrived at the park we could see our breath hang in the air.

However as we climbed up and out of the redwoods it became hot and dry. I just love the smell of the dried pine. It was truly a different world on top.

The views from up here are wonderful.

Keep your eyes opened. I saw lots of wild life. This was a Blue Tailed Skink.

Then we retraced our steps back down the Pine Mountain Trail.

The temps drop again as soon as you are sheltered by the big redwoods. It is now the afternoon, so I’d say it was in the 70’s down below and 80’s at the Roost. It was only in the 50’s down below in the morning when we started our hike, so bring layers.

We retraced our steps until we got to the Redwood Loop Trail.

You can’t miss it, and it you do it’s right by the parking lot. Don’t leave without taking this very short walk. The trees are wonderful, and it’s a very easy stroll.

You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

Where we hiked was pretty dense forest. You won’t see that many flowers.

Also right by the parking lot is the campfire center. It truly is beautiful.

Latitude 37°10’19.17″N
Longitude 122°13’20.41″W

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