Mount Diablo – Balancing Rock

2011-05-21 Sunny, highs in the 70’s

I love Mount Diablo. Just the drive up the mountain is always well worth it.

You do have to pay a fee to enter the park. This park is huge and there is no way to do it all right away. If you live nearby I suggest obtaining a yearly pass to the East Bay Parks and it will easily pay for itself.

We parked at Curry Point, which is the first parking lot to your right after Rock City. The trail that leads off from there is Curry Cannon Road. From there you will take a right onto Knobcone Point Road.

The rain this year has been abundant, so the wild flowers were wonderful on this hike.

The hike itself is very easy. Wide fire road that is not a hard climb.

To get to Balancing Rock is 2 miles in, then turn around and do 2 miles out.

I usually like to do loop hikes, but this hike was great going both ways.

There is so much diversity on this mountain.

It’s well worth your time to stop and check things out along the way.

You are bound to find amazing things all around you.

Along this hike you will find the Meridian

It’s wonderful to see the vegetation at different stages.

There aren’t that many places that are covered during the hike.

I highly recommend this hike in the spring when the flowers are out.

The color along this hike was amazing.

There were too many wonderful pictures to add here. You need to experience this for yourself.

And of course great views of the peak of Mount Diablo from all around

Not to worry, you will know when you get to Balancing Rock.

From here we turned around and went back. The views will not disappoint in this direction either.

Every time I come to Mount Diablo it makes me want to return and explore the region some more.

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