Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

2011-05-29 Sunny, highs in the 70’s

You do have to pay a fee to enter the park. We parked in the rear parking lot to access the meadow trail

From the Meadow trail we went right onto the Lower Bald Mountain Trail.

You go through a small area that is covered, but for the most part this hike is in the open.

From the Lower Bald Mountain Trail you take a right onto a paved path, which is now the Bald Mountain Trail.

From this trail you can go to Red Mountain (closer) or Bald Mountain (farther). However we left the house very late this day. Then we decided to do half a hike, half a visit to a winery.

What that achieves is just not enough quality time doing either on such a late start. We have learned our lesson and won’t repeat this mistake.

There are a lot of trails here, and we will be coming back.

The ride home through Napa was beautiful.

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