Point Reyes – Sculptured Beach

2011-06-22 Sunny, Highs in the 70’s

If you haven’t yet visited the Bay area let me explain to you about micro climates. When it’s in the 90’s or above inland, it can (and usually is) 20 to 30 degrees cooler on the coast. We were having a heat wave inland, so to the beach it was that weekend.

Not much to say expect after you park your car in the Limantour Beach Parking Lot walk to the beach and go left at the ocean.

To get there you walk by all these very cool sand dunes.

But that’s not why they call this place Sculptured beach.

It’s those wavy rocks on the ground that have been shaped by the tide coming in, and that’s how the beach got it’s name. You will need to know when its low tide to be able to access this beach. Do not stay there when the tide is coming in.

You can’t really call it hiking on a beach, but sand walking it very tiring. Horseback riding is the way to go!

The marsh lands are very beautiful

Point Reyes is huge and you can’t do it all in one day. We will definitely come back to enjoy other spots here.

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