Morgan Territory Preserve

2011-07-31 Sunny, highs in the 80’s

The drive up here was impressive.

Drive slow and enjoy

From the parking lot we started off on the Volvon Trail

Get a map of the trails before going, because there are a lot of them. You get to see wonderful views of Mount Diablo all along this hike.

While we were there the crickets were massing. We wouldn’t have known about it, but I stepped into the dried grass to get a photo of a dried flower and the earth sprung to life. Crickets were hopping up everywhere I stepped.

I’m never disappointed with the Diablo Range.

We went from the Volvon to the Blue Oak Trail

To Humming Bird Trail

Onto the Volvon again before going onto the Prairie Falcon Trail

From the Prairie Falcon Trail we took the Condor Trail, which brought us back to the Volvon trail. Seriously, get a map before you go on this hike.

The drive back down into Livermore was spectacular.

I’m always taken a back by how quickly things can change around here.
Latitude 37°49’7.09″N
Longitude 121°47’44.44″W

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