Layafette Reservoir

2011-08-27 Sunny, highs in the 90’s

While standing in the parking lot facing the reservoir, walk to your right and go up a hill. You see the trail marker for West Rim Trail Access.

The lake trail is easy. The Rim trail is not. The path is a fire road, but with lots of ups and downs. It just keeps going up and down the almost 5 miles that loops the Res, so we decided to do a combo hike seeing as the temps were so high.

You do have to pay a fee when parking your car. This is also a very popular spot, so there were lots of people. It’s much more crowded around the Lake trail. Only a few of us fools were crazy to hike the Rim trail in heat like this.

If your legs can hold out do the hike. The views are wonderful.

The second trail that appears to your left is Canyon Trail. We took that to hook up with the Lake Trail. Half way on this trail another trail appears on your left, take this trail. It’s a large fire road that will bring you to the Lake Trail. I don’t think the trial is marked. We were just lucky enough to run into a local who told us where to go. If you keep going straight on Canyon Trail you’ll end up back on the Rim Trail.

The Lake Trail is paved. It’s also right next to the lake and flat.

So anyone can come here and do an easy walk or a more challenging hike.

Latitude 37°53’6.91″N
Longitude 122° 8’26.38″W

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