Diablo Foothills Regional Park – Livorna Staging Area

2011-09-04 Sunny, highs in the 80’s

After parking in the staging area walk across the street.

You will see this sign. Walk to your left until you come to Serafix Road. Turn right onto Serafix.

Shortly you will come to a bridge. The trail starts to the left before the bridge. The trail is marked by upright wooden poles driven into the earth.

Congratulations, you have just made it to the Alamo Trail! This is not a easy trail to find.

After a while the trail will split. Stay to the right! Cross a big channel with rocks, then STAY TO THE LEFT when the trail splits again. Going right and down will take you to houses where people live. Then after you do that a trail will appear to your right.

Go right down that trail. I believe that trail is called Hanging Valley Trail. At any rate that trail is not long, and it will come to an end. At the end is a trail called American Discovery Trail. Go right on that trail. It will take you to a gate you must go through. Once you have entered that gate you are in Mount Diablo State Park. Go to your right when the trail splits.

Stay to the little dirt path to the right and it will take you to China Wall. You will know it when you see it. Rock formations that look like a wide wall of rock. The large rocks look like the back bone of a giant buried in the ground.

Plus the view from there is pretty great

It’s just so interesting to see what pressure on the earth can form the land.

The locals all ride their horses here. It’s truly a wonderful spot for horseback riding, with lots of fire roads to choose from.

However I’d stick to the roads because something lives here in large numbers, and has made swiss cheese out of the grass land. Not sure how the cows don’t break a leg?

These guys are everywhere. Have a dog? Does he like to chase squirrels? Do you like having a tired dog? Then do I have the hike for you! Seriously this is ground squirrel headquarters.

We then retraced our steps back to the gate. Go through and stay on the American Discovery Trail until you hit the Stone Gate Trail to your left. I’d say about a mile.

At the end of Stonegate bear left. You will now be on the Foothills Trail. Always stay to the left if the path veres to the right. Staying left will keep you on Foothills Trail. This trail leads back into the parking lot.

Trail Head:
Latitude 37°52’14.75″N
Longitude 122° 0’36.82″W

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