Castle Rock State Park

2011-09-18 Sunny, high in the 90’s

Be prepared for a lot of gunfire on this hike. There is a gun club near by, and by the sounds of things they are giving away free ammo.

Castle Rock has some very interesting rock formations. It is very easy to get to from the parking lot. A lot of rock climbers come here.

If you want to go rock climbing stick to the Ridge Trail and Castle Rock Trail.

Not sure what it’s like the rest of the year, but when we were there we were eaten alive by bugs. Bring bug repellant.

We went to Castle Rock first. To hike a loop we started on the Ridge Trail.

The Ridge Trail is mostly covered, but there are spots to peak out. Again this is where most of the rock climbers go, and there are views from those rocks.

We stopped to eat our packed lunch at the Castle Rock Trail Camp. BE CAREFUL HERE. The trail gets really confusing. You have to back track a wee bit to get to the Saratoga Gap Trail. Or you can be like us and quite a few other hikers there and hike in circles for a while. However there is a water fountain and restrooms there. I still recommend bringing your own water with you always. Better to be safe than sorry.

the Emily Smith Observation Point

Once you are on the Saratoga Gap Trail it is basically a open trail on the side of a cliff.

Outstanding views, but not a place to be if you are afraid of heights. The trail is so narrow and nonexistent in places that it has metal rope for you to hold onto so that you don’t fall off the cliff

This is a must do hike.

Latitude 37°13’50.39″N
Longitude 122° 5’45.01″W

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