Stebbin Cold Canyon Reserve Putah Creek Wildlife Area

2011-10-01 Partly sunny, temps in the 70’s.

We did the 5 mile loop, starting at Homestead trail and ending on the Blue Ridge trail. The views from the Blue Ridge Trail are phenomenal, but to get there is a trek.

It’s a civilized hike, for they have built in stairs. Be very grateful. This was a workout hike. Shady in the beginning when on Homestead, but opens up completely once on Blue Ridge.

Blue Ridge Trail

Word of caution: Poison oak lurks all around!

Don’t forget your camera or water. If you plan correctly you can have a nice lunch with a fantastic view of Lake Berryessa on top of the Blue Ridge trail. It makes a nice break in the hike.

We were covered in dirt and happy by the time we got home.

Trailhead: 38.51° N 122.1° W
Elevation: 330 feet

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One Response to Stebbin Cold Canyon Reserve Putah Creek Wildlife Area

  1. brthomas says:

    WOW!! Awesome photos. I’ve been out there twice hiking on the low elevation parts of the trail, but I’ve got to get up on the Ridge Trail next time I’m there.
    * Homestead Trail hiking at Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve 25sept2011.
    * Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve wildflower hiking 11april2010.

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