In Memory of Sunny

No amount of time would have been enough……

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Mavericks 2013

Half Moon Bay

2013-01-20 We haven’t been to Mavericks since 2010.

Airport St

This year we knew we would run into trouble. So we parked at Moss Beach and decided to hike in.

Pillar Point Bluff trail map

Pillar Point Bluff trail map

There was so much police presence that we missed the turn for the trail. What a shame too, for the big waves were in the morning with the high tide.

Last time we came there were 50 foot waves that crushed some bystanders. Literally bone crushing waves.

I know the law was trying to protect us, but this is not the Mavericks of 2010.

Katy Schuele 2013-01-20  N 117

So with being turned away at every point by the law to view this event live, we decided to grab a bite to eat.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
390 Capistrano Rd Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 728-2739

Their New England Claim Chowder is out of this world!

The law thought it would save us by (get this) letting us purchase tickets to go into this fenced off area. To do what?

That would be to watch Mavericks from the big screen. Really?

I wandered around a bit taking pictures of the flowers, but that is not why I came.

Dude, go out there and tell me what is going on.

Human they won’t even let us go out there. See how bad it is people!

All the action is going on right passed that breaker, that we USE to be able to watch Mavericks from, LIVE and in person.

The police is at every turn, but there are more of us than there are of them.

YES, we made it to the Bluffs!

We could all hang out for a little bit until the law would ride by telling us to “move on”.

Hello, it’s a calm sea. There is no way the waves are going to get us up here. Idiots.

Now I wouldn’t get too close to the edge mind you, but this is a hiking area. People come here all the time and they seem to live.

Again we missed the big morning waves, due to missing the trail head.

But we still had fun walking around, and had the best chowder ever.

Now if you have time hop onto HWY 92

Spanish Town

Spanish Town

and you can’t miss it.

These dinosaurs are really cool to check out.

This is something both kids and adults will like.

And just a little bit further up the street is

Sun Studios
12001 San Mateo Rd Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 712-7731

This is where all the great metal sculptures come from.

I love all this artists metal work.

It’s a wonderful garden shop to poke around in.

But the metal work is outstanding!

Katy Schuele 2013-01-20 C 482

Home again home again, jiggity jog.

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Round Valley Regional Preserve

2012-11-24 Sunny, highs in the low 70’s

Today we hiked on the Miwok Trail

This east of the bay can get really hot during the summer, so if you are going to enjoy the hike go during the cooler months.

I just love living here

We were suppose to do a loop hike, but we missed the trail

I’m kind of glad we did

However it turned it into a much longer hike than we planned

Here is where we should have taken a left if we had been paying attention

So thanks to our bad eye sight you can enjoy all of these photos instead

It was suppose to be a 4 mile loop


Instead it was 3 1/2 miles in

and 3 1/2 miles out

But what a day for it

Saw lots of abandoned farm equipment along the trail

When people ask me why I live in California, well it certainly isn’t the taxes that keep me here

It’s parks like these

19450 Marsh Creek Rd
Brentwood, CA 94513
(888) 327-2757

No dogs allowed

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Dish Hill

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

2012-10-06 Today we started our hike in a park, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, but that is not where we will end up.

We parked in the parking lot, and walked across the road to the Clyma trail.

We are hiking up to the dishes I see every morning as I drive my daughter to school.

Those would be them from the back side of the mountain

That is the mountain straight ahead as I see it every day on my drive.

I love the parks, but this time of year we are in HIGH fire danger. A spark could make this a very bad day.

At a certain point the road will fork. Stay to the left which is still Clyma trail.

If you look back from where you came you can see the parking lot.

Mount Diablo

As you climb you will begin to see Mount Diablo

Dish Hill

Now it looks like this road will take you to Dish Hill, but it won’t. By the way, I named Dish Hill since when I got there no one else had ever been there on facebook. I have no idea what it’s official name could be.

It’s here (looking back mind you) where there is a sign saying “No trespassing. Restricted area” that you know you are in the right place.

The fire road will take a sharp right turn. Keep following the road. Trust me, you don’t want to break the law. The road will take you into dark woods.

Looking back again, you will have hiked in from the right. Where the fire trail almost turns back on itself there is a cow path, take it. Notice how there is no sign saying keep out. We are in the clear people, lol.

Now at this point the cow trail, WHICH IS NOT MARKED, splits in two. GO BACK NOW if you are not a woodsman. If you know how to survive in the wild stay to your left.

I don’t want to be responsible for idiot people getting lost in the desert

Now when you are on top of the mountain you do get wonderful reception. However hike down a little and you will have NO reception.

You need to KNOW what you are doing, because AGAIN these are only cow trails. No one is here to save you.

You have got to love restricted areas for the views. The Bay.

The Dishes

The Dishes

Have no idea what those are for.

Dish Hill with Mount Diablo in the background

Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Altamont Pass Wind Farm

I think it’s absolutely beautiful up here, with a wonderful panoramic view

Getting up and enjoying the views wouldn’t be the problem. It would be getting back down and getting on the right cow path to get you back to the parks Clyma trail.

I just don’t want anyone getting lost up here. It’s not forgiving.

Leaving you go back down on this private fire road, but……..

at one point you will have to go through about 30 feet of grass to catch this one small cow trail

Then at this tricky junction if you don’t take the right path….well I don’t know where you will end up. There are many cow paths. If you are not a woodsman don’t do this. There are rattlesnakes and wild boar.

but oh what a view from up there. How I love life’s path

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Tech Trek

We decided to do something fun last weekend, since we live around the Bay area, and we wanted to include out daughter. So we took her on a tour of her technology she uses everyday.

ebay headquarters San Jose, CA

First stop ebay. Ebay 2211 North First Street San Jose, CA 95131 Just grab your kids and go. They will love you.

HP Cupertino Campus, CA

Next stop HP Cupertino Campus, CA. Now as a special treat I will bring you inside before it’s demolished. HP Cupertino Campus 19055 Pruneridge Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014

HP quad

Each building has it’s own inside quad for the employees. All these buildings will be destroyed to build the new Apple Mothership.

A lounge. It’s a shame. Most of this stuff is new.

A cafe

Apple headquarters Cupertino, CA

Apple headquarters 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, 95014

Oh the places you’ll go

Need a chip? Intel 2200 Mission College Boulevard Santa Clara, CA

Yahoooooooo Yahoo! Inc. 701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Google Maps

Now where are we? Google maps

Google Headquarters Mountain View, CA

Google Headquarters 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 I think everyone one of us use this every day.

The campus is huge. Poke around.

Facebook is a must stop. 1601 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA


And let’s not forget Oracle 500 Oracle Parkway Redwood Shores, CA 94065

This city of glass is very impressive

There is so much to do in the Bay area. Get out there and enjoy!

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Sycamore Grove Park – The Wagon Road Trail

This first picture is from a hike we did in the end of May 2012. It is the view you will have when entering the park from the Sycamore Grove Park.

We have only done summer hikes here so far. Bring water.

Parks Residence

We started on the winery loop trail, and keep to your right when selecting a trail. The trails here are not as well marked as in other parks we have hiked. On the Winery Loop trail you will pass by the parks residence.

Wagon Road Trail

You will get to a hill, take this trail to the right. It is Wagon Road Trail. It is a loop, and it will bring you right back to this same spot but to the left. Immediately behind you is Walnut trail.

Make sure you turn around as you are going up to see the view.

We have hiked in a lot of places with high tension wires, but none that were actually buzzing before. Very odd sound, and worrisome too.

If you keep to the right the trail will turn into Cattail pond Trail. The end of this trail loops around and will bring you back to Wagon Road trail to continue the loop.

Cattail Pond

There is a small dock/platform on the pond.

While standing on the dock, if you look to your right you will see a tree. There is a bench up there to enjoy the view. Skinny cow trail goes from trail up the side of hill to tree. Be warned if you are wearing shorts the trail is full of foxtail.

Then to get back we just followed Wagon Road Trail until it looped back to Winery Loop.

We must come back in the spring and check out the flowers.

Walnut Trail

Then when Wagon Road trail comes to Winery Loop we went straight on Walnut trail to cut across the flat, and take a left on Winery Loop, so to get a different view on the way back.

There are rattlesnakes. It’s wise to keep all dogs on leash. Also the foxtail causes problems with pets too.

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Max Starship

Here is my other trail dog. Hope everyone is having fun with life!

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